We’re all analysts now


The Qrytica data hub puts smart employees and analysts in the picture by bringing conceptual and
visual clarity to the data analysis task. Once the purview of cloistered IT departments, Qrytica unleashes the
power of massive, complex data sets by making them accessible, manageable and meaningful
across the enterprise. Enter Qrytica set to launch in Q2 2015.



  • Run big data analyses with standard SQL; complex MapReduce programming NOT required!
  • WYSIWIG rule designer does away with tedious SQL construction
  • Simple web UI makes work a breeze
  • Collaboration-optimized asset and schema re-use saves hours of construction time


  • Simplify business logic to rules and relations
  • Benefit from a fully-featured SQL workbench
  • Comprehensive rule relation diagrams bring visual clarity to data flows
  • Easy-to-use data visualization and charting tools
  • Easy ETL between multiple data sources


  • All of the interactive query speed advantages of the Tajo query engine
  • Direct access to data stores, no need to move the data for analysis


  • Easy integration with R and other BI solutions through the universal Qrytica Connector
  • Easy integration with Hadoop ecosystem components, such as Flume and No-SQL
  • Data life cycle management from collection to storage and analysis
  • Built-in job scheduling and management

Self-service big data analysis

With the powerful Tajo engine, intuitive UI, built-in visualization and universal data connector, Qrytica enables self-service big data analysis. Qrytica boosts up the big data development process, though faster query, test, design and deployment in end-to-end development environment. Marketers, data analysts and decision makers can easily explore and visualize their big data without depending on IT department. Boosting up the big data development and data-driven decisions, Qrytica makes big data more accessible, manageable and meaningful across the enterprise.