Petabyte-scale data warehousing alternative at commodity prices

Tajo Enterprise Gear

Tajo Enterprise Gear is a powerful, end-to-end big data warehouse platform designed for big data
processing on premise. By packaging powerful Enterprise Tajo engine with newest Hadoop ecosystem on
optimized H/W, Tajo Enterprise Gear provides the performance and scalability for enterprise workloads
as well as huge cost advantage.



  • Enterprise Tajo DW engine in the core
  • Sharp-tuned and integrated Hadoop ecosystem in a single image based software stack
  • Optimized H/W for massive scale data processing

True scalablitiy

  • Scalable x86 basis architecture
  • Elastic capacity increase at run-time (expandable up to 100 data nodes per 1 master)
  • Linear performance gain with advanced distributed processing engine of Tajo
  • Low cost of adding data nodes


  • Competitive up-front price & subscription fee
  • No additional license cost nor Hadoop subscription cost
  • Pure open source software stack (no vender lock-in)
  • Granulized technical support by Gruter

Simple operation

  • Pre-configured, sorely-tested package and plug-and-play commissioning
  • Designed for High Availabilty (Tajo Master HA nodes and Hadoop 2.x)
  • Seamless Integration with exiting IT system
  • Comprehensive monitoring and easy management with Cloumon®

End-to-end big data processing

  • Comprehensive management over full data life cycle, from data collection, storage, analysis and visualization (with hadoop ecosystem components)
  • Qrytica™ for easy data analysis and visualization
  • Easy integration with other BI, data mining solutions through universal connector

Faster time to value

Tajo Enterprise Gear provides ready-to-use big data development envioronment, including enterprise Tajo engine and pre-configured Hadoop ecosystem. With quick commissioning of pre-configured and well-tested package, it helps the enterprise to focus on developing their big data applications, without complicated setup, configuration and test. And the performance and scalability of enterprise Tajo engine boost up the analysis speed, along with the convenient analysis IDE Qrytica. Gruter's Tajo Enterprise Gear is the solution for enterprise, who require full control, simple operation and integration with existing IT systems.

Major cost advantages

Based on open source Hadoop and Tajo, Tajo Enterprise Gear gives huge cost advantage compared to commercial vendor's DW products. Not only the competitive upfront cost, it also saves maintenance cost, since it does not require additional S/W license cost and hadoop subscription fee. With seamless technical support by Gruter's hadoop experts, TDA is the powerful alternative to the expensive DW solutions in the enterprise big data market.