Gruter Tech Day 2014

Gruter Tech Day 2014, an open big data conference hosted by Gruter, was held on Oct. 29 at SpacePlus in Seoul, South Korea.  Speakers from Loen Entertainment, SK Telecom and Gruter shared their experience working with the latest big data technologies, and discussed their field implementation in business areas as diverse as telecommunications, digital music provision, and e-commerce.


Howook Jeong, Gruter Search Specialist and a member of Gruter’s Senior Development Team, gave a talk on his work designing and implementing Elasticsearch platforms. With reference to a cutting-edge Elasticsearch engine he designed for a major e-commerce company, Jeong discussed the potential of “SQL on Elasticsearch”, a technique which enables Elasticsearch to be queried through standard SQL syntax and a JDBC driver.

 Gruter Search Specialist Howook Jeong discusses his design and implementation of an Elasticsearch engine

Byeonghwa Yoon, an engineering manager at Loen Entertainment, then told the audience how his team approached the challenging task of building a new Hadoop-based big data platform for the company’s highly successful digital music service, Melon.

 Guest speaker Byeonghwa Yoon introduces his experiences

In another talk, Jaehwa Jung, Gruter Research Engineer and a member of Gruter’s Apache Tajo Development Team, gave an overview of the Apache Tajo “SQL-on-Hadoop” solution, focusing on the query engine’s advanced architecture and use as an enterprise data warehouse.

 Gruter Senior Developer Jaehwa Jeong introduces Apache Tajo

In a more hands-on session, Youngkyong Ko, Gruter’s Chief Data Analyst, led a practical data analysis workshop, giving attendees a chance to see Tajo’s native SQL features in action. Launching their own Tajo cluster on AWS using Gruter’s Tajo Cloud service, participants were shown how to set up and tune a cohort analysis using Tajo queries.

In another talk, Jungryong Lee, an engineering manager at SK Telecom, shared his team’s experience building a real-time analytics system at telco-scale using a combination of Apache Tajo and Apache Spark.

 Guest speaker Jungryong Lee outlines SK Telecom’s real-time analytics system

A panel discussion and audience Q&A session rounded out a successful day, with the big data market and technology outlook the center of conversation, and audience members encouraged to get actively involved in creating the future of the industry.

The day was capped off with a novelty door prize fittingly drawn by Tajo SQL functions.





* Session Deck: Building an Elasticsearch Platform 


* Session Deck: Big Data Platform in MelOn 


* Session Deck: Apache Tajo: A Big Data Warehouse System on Hadoop


* Session Deck: Hands-on Big Data Analysis using Tajo on AWS


* Session Deck: Real-time processing in Telco


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