Gruter Enterprise Tajo is now available on AWS marketplace

We are happy to announce that Gruter Enterprise Tajo has been released on AWS marketplace. It is the new, simple and cost-efficient way to deploy Tajo on AWS.
Gruter Enterprise Tajo (G.E.T) is a pre-configured Tajo AMI (Amazon Machine Image) packaged by Gruter. G.E.T helps AWS users to deploy their Tajo cluster on Amazon EC2 within a few minutes, way easier through familiar AWS marketplace user interfafce. In addition, G.E.T is more cost-efficient option to use Tajo: the S/W cost of G.E.T is 50% cheaper than that of EMR (Elastic MapReduce).


* Try G.E.T on AWS marketplace

* G.E.T. User guide :

* Video guide – Setup Gruter Enterprise Tajo on AWS

* Key Features of G.E.T
- No hadoop dependency; simple & efficient S/W stack
- 50% less S/W cost than using Tajo on EMR
- Simple marketplace deployment
- Convenient, time-saving SQL workbench