Gruter at Hadoop Summit 2015

Last June 9-11, the 8th Annual Hadoop Summit took place in the Convention Center, San Jose. Hadoop Summit is one of the biggest Hadoop conferences in the world, where cutting edge Hadoop technologies are introduced and shared. Many tech giants such as Yahoo!, Hortonworks, Microsoft, EMC, HP, SAP, Teradata, and so on converged in this year, and Gruter also participated as a Sponsor of the conference.


In this Summit, Dr. Hyunsik Choi, Gruter Research Director and Apache Tajo PMC Chair, gave a talk to introduce Tajo’s heterogeneous storage type support. This is the key feature of data virtualization and logical data warehouse which is the future of data integration technology.

Hadoop-Summit-2015_3 Dr. Hyunsik Choi introducing Tajo’s heterogeneous storage type support

Choi introduced a new concept, Tablespace, to provide an abstraction of storage layer to users. Tablespace allows users to easily register table repositories with specific storage types. You can see the presentation material here.


Also, Gruter showcased a number of demos inside our booth to introduce Apache Tajo and Tajo-related Gruter’s products. The highlight of the Gruter booth was the demo of airline on-time performance analysis using Tajo integrated with Apache Zeppelin.

Hadoop-Summit-2015_4 Gruter Banner in the booth

Another popular demo was interactive ad-hoc analysis on Tajo desktop package which is packaged for a single machine environment to easily install and experience Tajo’s extensive functionalities. Attendees could submit OLAP-style complex analysis queries and see the result interactively.

Hadoop-Summit-2015_5 Gruter booth showcasing Tajo at Hadoop Summit

Hadoop-Summit-2015_6 Gruter product brochure

Hadoop-Summit-2015_9 Jongyoung Park and Dr. Jihoon Son, Gruter senior engineer and Apache Tajo committer, introducing Tajo to visitors

Hadoop-Summit-2015_12  Gruter members together at the booth

* Gruter Tajo Platform on Hadoop leaflet