Gruter at AWS Summit Seoul 2015


Gruter team ran a booth showcasing Tajo on AWS products at AWS Summit Seoul 2015, one of the biggest cloud computing conference held in Seoul, South Korea, on Apr. 21. In the booth, attendees took an early look at the new version of Gruter TaaS (Tajo-as-a-Service), which enables AWS users to setup Tajo cluster within a few seconds. Also attendees showed great interest at the big data analysis cases on AWS using Tajo and various analytics tools, such as Pentaho, R and Apache Zeppelin.

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_2 Gruter booth showcasing Tajo on AWS

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_3 Setting up the demo

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_4 Big data analysis live demo in the booth

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_5 New brochures and stickers

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_6 Jaehwa Jung, Gruter senior engineer and Apache Tajo committer, explains Tajo on AWS to visitors and

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_8 Booth visitors were interested in Tajo

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_9 Gruter members wearing Tajo T-shirts

AWS2015_Gruter_Tajo_10 Gruter members together in the booth

* Gruter Tajo Platform on AWS brochure (in Korean)