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10th Anniversary Celebration


Infographic - Gruter 10 years and tomorrow Celebrating Gruter's 10th birthday on Feb. 2016, we made this infographic about brief history of Gruter. Founded as a data provider in Feb. 2006, Gruter expanded to social data analysis services and soon evolved to the go-to hadoop expert group in Korea. Discovering Tajo and its potential, Gruter ...

Gruter Enterprise Tajo is now available on AWS marketplace


We are happy to announce that Gruter Enterprise Tajo has been released on AWS marketplace. It is the new, simple and cost-efficient way to deploy Tajo on AWS. Gruter Enterprise Tajo (G.E.T) is a pre-configured Tajo AMI (Amazon Machine Image) packaged by Gruter. G.E.T helps AWS users to deploy their Tajo cluster on Amazon EC2 within ...



PRESS RELEASE PALO ALTO, CA—22 Oct 2014:  The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.9 on Tuesday morning, US EDT time. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, including extended native SQL support and processing improvements across a spectrum of workloads, from common office analytics tasks to massive data ...