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Setting up an Apache Tajo Cluster on Amazon EMR


Note. Bootstrap action script for EMR 4.x was added. Check out the differences introduced in 4.x with release of EMR 4.0 at Jul 2015. Apache Tajo™, or simply “Tajo”, is an open-source relational and distributed big data warehouse (“Big DW”) system which runs on Apache Hadoop and other stores. Tajo is designed for low-latency and scalable ...

Apache Tajo™ 0.10.0 now available!


The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.10 on Mar 9. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, including performance improvements and wider ecosystem integration. "Tajo has evolved over the last couple of years into a mature 'SQL-on-Hadoop' engine," said Hyunsik Choi, Vice President of Apache Tajo and Gruter ...

Apache Tajo on

In a two-part article series entitled "Technical Deep Dive Into Apache Tajo", conducts a Q&A with Dr. Hyunsik Choi, PMC Chair of Apache Tajo. In the first article of the series, Choi explains Tajo's design logic, including its unique distributed processing framework, pluggable storage manager, and advanced query optimization capabilities. see:

Gruter at DEVIEW 2014


The DEVIEW 2014 developer conference was held at the Lotte Hotel World in Seoul, South Korea, from September 30-31, with Gruter’s dev team actively involved in the event. Attracting upwards of 2000 attendees each year, DEVIEW is now one of the biggest IT developer conferences in the country, with this year’s installment no exception. Joining experts ...

High-tech Tajo at Hadoop Summit 2014


Gruter Research Director and Apache Tajo PMC Chair, Dr. Hyunsik Choi, was a presenter at Hadoop Summit 2014, held in San Jose on June 3-5. A highlight each year on the Hadoop calendar, the summit brings together big data experts from across the world to discuss new developments in Hadoop-related technologies. Hadoop Summit 2014 Key Note ...

Running Apache Tajo on CDH5

With CDH5 released for general use last week, Tajo committer and Gruter senior developer Jae-hwa Jung has put together simple instructions for a Tajo CDH5 build on the Apache Tajo wiki. Should you need further information on the build process, please feel free to email the Apache Tajo team.

Apache Tajo Granted Top-Level Project Status by the ASF


PRESS RELEASE SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, Apr. 1st, 2014:  Apache Tajo, a rising SQL-on-Hadoop “Big DW” solution, has been granted Top-Level-Project (TLP) status by the Apache Software Foundation. A next-generation SQL processing engine, Apache Tajo brings together the latest advances in distributed processing and query optimization, delivering traditional database performance on both routine and massive data sets. The graduation of ...

Tajo now on Gartner’s SQL-on-Hadoop radar

Nick Heudecker, Gartner Research Director, recently posted a note looking at the features and performance of Apache Tajo on his Gartner blog. Nick is an analyst in the Gartner Intelligence Information Management Group, and is responsible for coverage of big data and NoSQL technologies. In his post, he noted the robust feature set of Tajo, and ...