Apache Tajo™ 0.10.0 now available!

The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.10 on Mar 9. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, including performance improvements and wider ecosystem integration.

“Tajo has evolved over the last couple of years into a mature ‘SQL-on-Hadoop’ engine,” said Hyunsik Choi, Vice President of Apache Tajo and Gruter Research Director. “The improved JDBC driver in this release allows users to easily access Tajo as if users use traditional RDBMSs. We have verified new JDBC driver on many commercial BI solutions and various SQL tools. It was easy and works successfully.”

According to Jihoon Son, Apache Tajo PMC member and Gruter Senior Manager, Tajo 0.10 sees the resolution of 160 issues including lots of new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

With the release of 0.10, Tajo got a lot of attention from tech media, including:

The source and binary release tarballs for the new release are available for free download at Apache Tajo project website.