Gruter—Your Asian Partner in the Big Data Revolution

Welcome to Asia

Located in the midst of exciting economic growth opportunities, Gruter is a next-gen Asian tech company with the know-how you need to drive down costs and go truly global. Traditional markets may have the reputation, but when you crunch the numbers no serious company can afford to miss the revolution unfolding across the Asian region.

Join the Revolution

The rise of Big Data represents a quantum leap in value generation for companies which recognize that business success is about understanding key stakeholders—whether be consumers, clients, partners or employees. With better understanding comes deeper engagement and improved design; in other words, superior products.

Whether you are monitoring brands, mining user behavior or mapping markets, Big Data technologies can give you the strategic edge you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy Connecting

At Gruter, we love Big Data because we're bona fide tech geeks. But our love for technology goes well beyond an obsession with technical excellence. Big Data systems are only effective if you truly value the voice of your constituency. If you don't enjoy connecting with your stakeholders, your big data system will be a big flop. At Gruter, our products not only help you connect, but more importantly they help you enjoy connecting.

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