Gruter and Hortonworks take Data Warehousing into the future with Tajo on Hadoop.

By combining Apache Tajo’s query processing power with the stability and reliability of
Hadoop, at unprecedented levels of scalability and enterprise-grade support, a new partnership
between Gruter and Hortonworks is set to place the Apache Tajo Big DW solution
at the forefront of enterprise data processing.

Got the need for data
processing speed?

This ostrich really flies! The Tajo data query
engine turbocharges data analysis.

Want to analyze massive data sets
—like right now?

Get started with Tajo on the Cloud
and be up and running in minutes!

Need your own high-spec Massive Data Warehouse?

Enterprise Tajo combines the latest data
technology in one super-fast stack.

Data analysis quality holding you back?

Give the best and brightest in your organization
bigger and better data set.

Enterprise Tajo

  • Powerful end-to-end Big DW stack
  • Petabyte-scale data warehousing at commodity prices
  • Fast installation, commissioning and integration

GruterTech Support

  • Highly-competitive support packages
  • Responsive, dedicated global experts
  • Proactive, advanced system monitoring

Tajo on the Cloud

  • Start running sophisticated analyses in minutes!
  • Outsource data infrastructure costs to the cloud
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Coming early 2015: Qrytica

  • Build and distribute massive HQ data sets
  • Put big data analytics capabilities in more hands
  • Give your organization an analytics advantage


Faster ETL Capabilities

The challenge was to remove data processing bottlenecks by upgrading to Tajo from a legacy Hive system, speeding up business analysis and reporting.

EDW Cost Savings

The challenge was to replace costly, commercial EDW infrastructure with the massively-scalable, open-source combination of Tajo on Hadoop.

Commerce Reco Engine

The challenge was to use the speed advantages Hadoop to power a highly-sophisticated recommendation engine and search services.

Music Insights Platform

The challenge was to use the speed advantages of Tajo-on-
Hadoop to power sets of highly-complex, predictive user algorithms in real time.


Setting up an Apache Tajo Cluster on Amazon EMR

Within the Amazon Web Service(AWS) cloud environment, Tajo runs perfectly on either Elastic MapReduce(EMR) with Hadoop or Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) without Hadoop. This post explains how to setup a Tajo cluster on AWS using the EMR bootstrap actions.

Gruter at AWS Summit Seoul 2015

Gruter team ran a booth showcasing Tajo on AWS products at AWS Summit Seoul 2015, one of the biggest cloud computing conference held in Seoul, South Korea, on Apr. 21. In the booth, attendees took an early look at the new version of Gruter TaaS (Tajo-as-a-Service), which enables AWS users to setup Tajo cluster within a few seconds.

Apache Tajo brings data warehousing to Hadoop

Organizations that want to extract more intelligence from their Hadoop deployments might find help from the relatively little known Tajo open source data warehouse software, which the Apache Software Foundation has pronounced as ready for commercial use.

Apache Tajo™ 0.10.0 now available!

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today the availability of Apache™ Tajo™ v0.10.0, the latest version of the advanced Open Source data warehousing system in Apache Hadoop®.