Gruter and Hortonworks take Data Warehousing into the future with Tajo on Hadoop.

By combining Apache Tajo’s query processing power with the stability and reliability of
Hadoop, at unprecedented levels of scalability and enterprise-grade support, a new partnership
between Gruter and Hortonworks is set to place the Apache Tajo Big DW solution
at the forefront of enterprise data processing.

Got the need for data
processing speed?

This ostrich really flies! The Tajo data query
engine turbocharges data analysis.

Want to analyze massive data sets
—like right now?

Get started with Tajo on the Cloud
and be up and running in minutes!

Need your own high-spec Massive Data Warehouse?

Enterprise Tajo combines the latest data
technology in one super-fast stack.

Data analysis quality holding you back?

Give the best and brightest in your organization
bigger and better data set.

Enterprise Tajo

  • Powerful end-to-end Big DW stack
  • Petabyte-scale data warehousing at commodity prices
  • Fast installation, commissioning and integration

GruterTech Support

  • Highly-competitive support packages
  • Responsive, dedicated global experts
  • Proactive, advanced system monitoring

Tajo on the Cloud

  • Start running sophisticated analyses in minutes!
  • Outsource data infrastructure costs to the cloud
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Coming early 2015: Qrytica

  • Build and distribute massive HQ data sets
  • Put big data analytics capabilities in more hands
  • Give your organization an analytics advantage


Faster ETL Capabilities

The challenge was to remove data processing bottlenecks by upgrading to Tajo from a legacy Hive system, speeding up business analysis and reporting.

EDW Cost Savings

The challenge was to replace costly, commercial EDW infrastructure with the massively-scalable, open-source combination of Tajo on Hadoop.

Commerce Reco Engine

The challenge was to use the speed advantages Hadoop to power a highly-sophisticated recommendation engine and search services.

Music Insights Platform

The challenge was to use the speed advantages of Tajo-on-
Hadoop to power sets of highly-complex, predictive user algorithms in real time.



The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.9 on Oct. 21. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, including extended native SQL support and processing improvements across a spectrum of workloads, from common office analytics tasks to massive data queries.

Gruter TECHDAY 2014

Gruter Tech Day 2014, an open big data conference hosted by Gruter, was held on Oct. 29 at SpacePlus in Seoul, South Korea. Speakers from Loen Entertainment, SK Telecom and Gruter shared their experience working with the latest big data technologies, and discussed their field implementation in business areas as diverse as telecommunications, digital music provision, and e-commerce.

Gruter at DEVIEW 2014

Gruter team actively involved the DeView 2014 conference held at the Lotte Hotel World in Seoul, South Korea, from September 30-31. Three Gruter members gave their talks on Vectorized processing, Hadoop security and Elasticsearch optimization and we made the most of the occasion, presenting, learning and making new connections.

High-tech Tajo at Hadoop Summit 2014

Gruter Research Director and Apache Tajo PMC Chair, Dr. Hyunsik Choi, was a presenter at Hadoop Summit 2014, held in San Jose on June 3-5. A highlight each year on the Hadoop calendar, the summit brings together big data experts from across the world to discuss new developments in Hadoop-related technologies.